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Project Overview

Project SIGMa is a collaborative effort between the SIGMa researchers and practice partners at Math for America Los Angeles (MfA LA). We have a mutual commitment to supporting teachers’ ambitious mathematics instruction in urban schools, and a shared focus on developing frameworks for formative feedback.

Through this partnership, we are working with MfA LA’s Master Teacher Fellows (MTFs), all of whom have 5 or more years of teaching experience. Together, we are co-developing a video-based formative feedback (VFF) approach to coaching to provide experienced teachers with information on their classroom instruction that is timely, adequate, and helps them make sense of problems of practice.

The Plan


Phase 1: Developing Mutual Understandings, Goals, and Tools

Phase 2: Co-designing and Documenting Teachers’ Enhanced Learning

Phase 3: Developing Learning Portraits and Institutionalizing Formative Feedback Practices