Apply to Host SLRF 2021

Host Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) 2021 Deadline: September 31, 2020

Please note that SLRF is a student-run conference. This means that all proposed conference chairs/co-chairs should be current graduate students, and that proposals should be written and submitted by graduate students only (however, faculty advisors are encouraged).

If you and your institution are interested in hosting SLRF 2021, please submit your proposal to by September 31, 2020. The submission should include “Host SLRF 2021” in the subject line. Proposals should be submitted in PDF format. Text in the proposal should total no more than 3,000 words. Please note that previous hosts have found that financial support and the size and makeup of the committee organizing SLRF have been some of the most influential factors for a successful conference. As such, please give special attention to these sections in your own proposal. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SLRF 2020 organizing committee at

Please include the following information in your proposal to host SLRF 2021:

  • Organizing Committee
    • Committee members and departmental affiliations
    • Faculty advisors
    • Additional available personnel and volunteers Facilities
  • Description of conference site and facilities
    • Banquet facility
    • Local restaurants and convenience stores
  • Conference Theme
    • General focus
    • Tentative conference title
    • Potential logo
  • Conference Program
    • Dates of the conference
    • Tentative plenary speakers and colloquia organizers
    • Detailed outline of special features (colloquia, roundtables, workshops)
  • Proposed conference schedule Budget
    • Potential funding sources
    • Cost of facilities
    • Cost to attendees (early and on-site costs for students and non-students) etc.
  • Sponsors
    • Projected and secured financial contributions and support
    • Support from your program and/or department, including in-kind support
    • Personnel support
  • Previous Conferences
    • Describe past conferences hosted by your institution
    • Has SLRF been held at your institution before? If yes, when?
  • Social Events
    • Social events and costs for attendees
    • Free social events
  • Accommodations
    • Types of housing and approximate costs
    • Distance and transportation to conference site
  • Transportation
    • Describe closest airports, train stations, public transportation in town, campus transportation including shuttle or metro transportation
  • Technical Support
    • Plan for managing online abstract submission and conference registration
    • Availability of PC projectors or other presentation media
    • Support personnel to troubleshoot technology-related problems during the conference
    • Internet access on campus for guests
    • Plans for the conference website (technical and/or content)
    • Feasibility of organizing and facilitating a virtual conference under extenuating circumstances

Proposals should be sent to with the subject line “Host SLRF 2021” Please contact us if you have any questions, SLRF 2020 Committee at Vanderbilt University