Paper Presentation Guidelines

What to expect during the conference:

To honor the interactive nature of SLRF, we will be hosting live paper sessions on Zoom. By topic and keywords, papers will be organized into groups of 4 or 5 per session. Each session will have a host who will act as the time keeper to ensure that every presenter has a chance to share their study and answer any questions. Presenters and attendees will have access to Zoom meeting links via the online conference program closer to the conference date.


Presentation Guidelines:

  • Presenter(s) should prepare an outline of the major points of the paper. Use of presentation slides are highly encouraged.
  • Presenter(s) will have 12 minutes to share their paper, which may cover key elements of the study, such as: study goal, description of the sample, methodology, literature gaps, major findings, or implications. The amount of time devoted to each piece may vary according to the author’s evaluation of the importance of each element to the paper.
  • Remaining 3 minutes will be saved for any questions for the paper.