SMPY investigates the lives of intellectually talented people who fall into five cohorts.

Cohort One

  • 2188 participants who scored 370 or more on the SAT-V or 390 or more on the SAT-M (before age 13)
  • Identified during 1972-1974 throughout Maryland
  • Represents the top 1% ability level

Cohort Two

  • 759 participants
  • Identified during the years 1976 through 1979 in the Mid-Atlantic states
  • Represents the top .5% ability level

Cohort Three

  • 501 participants who scored 700 or more on SAT-M and/or 630 or more on SAT-V (before age 13)
  • Identified during 1980-1983 throughout the nation
  • Represents the top .01% ability level

Cohort Four

  • Over 1,400 participants
  • Identified by Iowa State University’s Summer Programs
  • Represents the top 0.5% ability level

Cohort Five

  • 715 first- and second-year graduate students in the top-ranked math, science and engineering programs in the United States

After the participants are identified, SMPY follows them throughout their lives, contacting them at the ages listed below:

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