Language Processing Disorder


What Is It?

Language Processing Disorder (LPD) is a learning disability that manifests itself in written and oral deficits regarding language comprehension. LPD can lead
to issues with transferring information to the temporal lobe, morphing input into clear mental images, and understanding input. LPD can also come with a plethora of comorbidities.icons8-critical-thinking-96


By The Numbers

  • 5% of children in the US have some type of language processing disorder
  • Boys have 1.5-6.3x higher chance of developing a communication disorder in their lifetime
  • Currently more than 1 million children are receiving special education for language disorders in the U.S. public school system




  • Unique to every child
  • Other symptoms (from comorbidities)
    • lack of focus
    • discouragement
    • behavioral issues

Verbal Characteristics


  • Difficulties in:
    • applying grammar/syntax
    • indentifying/using grammatical morphemes
    • joining/understanding conversations


  • Difficulties in:
    • understanding figurative language
    • interpreting messages in auditory signals
      • can hear but don’t understand
    • issues following directions and stories

Written Characteristics:

  • Difficulties in:
    • reading comprehension
    • writing expression
    • spelling
    • rhyming
    • syntax
    • vocabulary



  • Highly individualized
  • Early intervention
  • Practicing mixing cognitive functions with language processing
  • Psychotherapy
    • Emotional disorders can make LPD more severe
    • Practice social skills to build confidence

Written Intervention

  • Methods:
    • build strong vocabulary foundations
    • work on using sentences with more varying syntax
    • extra-time on assignments
    • tailored readings to include more simplistic language

Verbal Intervention:

  • Methods
    • play based approaches
    • improve phonological awareness
    • practice following directions
    • emphasis on concepts, antonyms, idioms, and figurative language
  • Note: Auditory interventions not helpful because LPD is not an auditory processing disorder




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