Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol

Resources for Participants in SPEP™ Projects

This area of the website houses materials, presentations, and tools for those participating in SPEP™ projects.

By clicking on the links below, you can (1) visit SPEP™ Connect to ask questions or respond to questions posed by individuals in other participating sites as well as leave comments about  progress, activities, news, and so forth at your site, (2) view contact information for project participants and members of the collaborating research teams, or (3) view materials and resources available only to those involved in the SPEP ™ process, such as training presentation slides and handouts.

These pages are all password protected and can only be viewed by participating project and research staff. The password for this portion of the website is distributed by the Vanderbilt research team. Please contact Gabrielle Chapman ( if you have not received a password and are participating in a SPEP™ project.

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