Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol

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Click to view Improving the Effectiveness of JJ Programs by Lipsey, Howell, Kelly, Chapman, Carver 2010

This article discusses the history of criminal justice treatment and philosophies, prevention and intervention programs, evidence-based practice, meta-analytic findings, the SPEP ™, as well as practical and policy considerations for juvenile justice reform.

Arizona Recidivism Report

Arizona SPEP™ Recidivism Analysis


GabClick to visit “Using meta-analysis to improve the effectiveness of youth justice.”




MarkClick to visit “The foundations of an evidence-based youth justice system.”




TED-style talk with Dr. Mark Lipsey
Thought-provoking “short” about what the juvenile justice system can do to decrease the rate of crime and incarceration among adults.

SPEP ™ Overview with Dr. Mark Lipsey
This non-technical explanation of how Dr. Lipsey developed the SPEP ™ and its key features is a “must see” for all interested persons.


SPEP Related Presentations at the Annual American Society of Criminologists 2015
Title:  “The Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP): Using Meta-analytic Evidence to Assess Program Effectiveness”
Click to view slides from this presentation. Lipsey & Chapman

Title:  “Implementation of the Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP) in the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice”
Click to view slides from this presentation. Moneyham & Bates

Title:  “Evidence-based Delinquency Prevention and Juvenile Justice System Reform in Pennsylvania: A Multi-component Partnership Model for Optimization and Continuous Quality Improvement”
Click to view slides from this presentation. Bradley, Bumbarger, Rosenberg & Snyder

Title:  “A Tale of Two States: SPEP in Different JJ Systems”
Click to view slides from this presentation. Robinson

National Juvenile Justice Network Conference Presentation
Title:  “Improving the Operation of Juvenile Justice Systems by Taking a New Approach on Evidence-Based Practice”
Click to view slides from this presentation. Bilchik & Chapman July 2011

24th Annual Children’s Mental Health Conference Presentation
Title: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice in Juvenile Intervention Programs

Click to view slides from this presentation. Chapman March 2011

State-Specific Presentations

Click to view a poster from Pennsylvania’s work to implement the SPEP ™

Title: Partnerships, Potholes, and Preliminary Data on the Path of Going to Scale
Authors: Stephanie Bradley and Brian Bumbarger, The EpisCenter at Penn State University

Other Publications & Presentations from PRI

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