The HydroJet featured by VUCast for low-cost gastric cancer screening in low-income countries

The HydroJet platform — designed to provide an ultra-low-cost option for gastric cancer screening in rural areas of low-income countries — has been featured in a clip by VUCast. VUCast Vanderbilt in Central America

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The NSF-funded design environment for medical capsule robots goes open-source and is featured by IEEE Spectrum

November 2015. The open source design environment for the rapid prototyping of medical capsule robots is officially launched. Read more here. IEEE Spectrum, the main magazine of IEEE, features our design environment in this report by Emily Waltz.

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STORM Lab educational robotic toolkit featured by Vanderbilt press

The educational robotic toolkit developed at the STORM Lab has been featured by Vanderbilt press. The modular design for tiny robots – snap-together, removable magnetic plates that include motorized wheels, an accelerometer, a barometer and other functions, depending on what the user wants to do – is an affordable teaching tool for most public schools….

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High school teachers help introducing the SMAC educational toolkit into the classroom

Summer 2015. Two high school science teachers, Mark Gonyea and Justin Monetenegro, joined the STORM Lab to foster the adoption of the SMAC educational toolkit in science curricula. Mark and Justin are helping the STORM Lab members in simplifying the design of the modular robotic toolkit for education, designing experiments that can engage high school…

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Work on Local Magnetic Actuation featured by MedGadget, NSF, and Research@Vanderbilt

March 2015. The recent work published in the ASME Journal of Medical Devices and the IEEE Transactions on Robotics about local magnetic actuation for laparoscopic instrumentation has been featured by MedGadet, the National Science Foundation, NSF Science Now, and ResearchNews@Vanderbilt.

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NSF CAREER Award to study Lifesaving Capsule Robots

February 2015. The National Science Foundation awarded Pietro Valdastri with a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grant. The title of the proposal is “CAREER: Lifesaving Capsule Robots”. The goal of this research is to characterize fundamental principles at the intersection of robotics, magnetism, and control which will enable intelligent capsule robots to amplify the diagnostic…

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