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The Tate Lab is committed to providing an inclusive and supportive experience for students and staff from diverse backgrounds and groups. We want to help you succeed in your career goals in a safe and welcoming environment. In addition, you can find information about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion resources at Vanderbilt University here.

Fall 2023: New Ph.D. students: Interested in T cell diversity, metamorphosis, and the evolution of innate-like components in the adaptive immune system? We are recruiting someone interested in computational modeling of “optimal” T cell strategies across ontogeny (development from birth to old age) to work on a new collaborative NSF project. No modeling experience needed! See the abstract here.

We are always looking for creative, motivated, and enthusiastic individuals to join the lab. We are currently particularly keen to recruit individuals with interest or experience in computational and mathematical biology or evolutionary genomics, but also welcome inquiries from experimentalists interested in immune system evolution and natural variation in insects. If you are interested in completing a Ph.D. or postdoc, please contact Ann Tate directly.

Undergraduates: The Tate lab is generally recruiting highly motivated and conscientious undergraduates majoring in biology-related or quantitative disciplines with an interest in conducting research (experimental or computational). To inquire about opportunities, contact Ann Tate directly. If you are interested in summer opportunities, you should reach out no later than January to ensure full consideration.