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USAC Member Recognition

Posted by on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 in News.

We would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to USAC members who have served during the 2020-21 term. This has been a challenging year for many reasons, but one in which Staff Council was able to continue pushing forward issues and efforts relevant to staff, connect with one another in new ways, and learn about important initiatives, programs, and resources from speakers across the University.

Learn more about what Staff Council was able to accomplish, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, here.

Thank you, USAC Class of 2020-21!

Matthew Anderson
Anjelica Armstrong
Meagan Artus
Felisha Baquera
Samantha Barclay
Garrett Bennett
Jennifer Bennett
Courtney Berry
Angela Bess
Douglas Best
Faith Bishop
Sarah Bordenstein
Jeremy Bourgoin
Jacquelyn Brown
Sean Butner – Rules and Admin Committee Co-chair
Caroline Caldwell Johnston – President
Chantry Carroll
Marsha Carter
Michele Cedzich
Myles Charley
Sandy Cherry
Clair Clair Brigman
Lee Clemmons
Victoria Cole
Patrick Conwell
Emma Cooley
Whitney Coppinger
Stace Crowhurst
Jessamyn Davis
Toni Renee Dawson
Michele Dixon
Steven Engstrom
Paige Farst
Craig Fields
Anita Fox
Kathleen Fuchs Hritz
Madison Gibson
Lisa Gracey
Kashif Graham
Shore Griffin
Michelle Halman
Sean Hansbrough
Amanda Harding – Staff Life Committee Co-chair
Lynn Hastings – Membership Committee Co-chair
Ed Higgins
Olivia Hill
Michael Hollifield
Donna Ingram
Donald Jackson
Lena Jensen
Denise Johnson – EDI Committee Co-chair
Faye Johnson
Haley Jones
Michael Jones
Shahpar Kamtarin
Emily Kelley
Amanda King
Mary Kiolbasa
Tiffany Lawrence Givens – Vice-President/President-elect
Jennifer LeBlanc
Jamie Linski – Staff Life Committee Co-chair
Jeff Loudon – Communications Committee Co-chair
Deni Lowe
Josh Luffman
Lynn Maddox
Ashley Majewski – Communications Committee Co-chair
Sharon Manlove
Robert Martin
Elzbieta May
Adam McKeever-Burgett
Courtney Mullane
Becky Mullen
Meaghan Mundy
Maya Nashabi
Rob Nelson
Allie Noote
Keegan Osinski
Will Perry
Donald Pickert
Beth Porter
Michael Pring – Treasurer
Sara Putnam
Kathleen Rall
Anuj Rastogi
Kate Ripley
Antonio Robinson – EDI Committee Co-chair
Scott Rutledge
Sara Sanders
Beth Sims
LaDonna Smith
Amy Smith
Adam Steffanick
Susan Taylor
Alison Templeton
Kimberly Turner
Susan Walker
Rong “Joanne” Wang
Katelen Watkins
Cathy Weisbrodt – Membership Committee Co-chair
Tara Williams
Jeanette Wolff – Secretary
Karen Woodruff
Heather Yockey


We would also like to recognize staff council members who received awards for their service this year. These members have gone above and beyond in their commitment to Staff Council.


Karen Dolan Spirit Award

Tiffany Lawrence Givens


Committee Members of the Year

Faith Bishop & Stacey Crowhurst – Membership Committee


Committee of the Year

Events Committee – Jennifer Bennett & Amanda King (co-chairs)


Learn more about previous award winners here.