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VINSE Deputy Director Jason Valentine named Vanderbilt faculty liaison with ORNL

Posted by on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 in News.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory collaboration with Vanderbilt University will grow stronger through a new faculty liaison—a School of Engineering professor—and enhanced management of travel assistance awards.

Jason Valentine, associate professor of mechanical and electrical engineering, is the new faculty liaison and will carry on the collaborations established by Carlos Lopez, assistant professor of biochemistry and biomedical informatics. As liaison, Valentine will work closely with Vanderbilt faculty, the Office of the Provost, university deans and Vanderbilt University Medical Center leadership to advance key research themes that align with both Vanderbilt and ORNL priorities.

“With his deep and broad expertise in nanomaterials as well as his existing relationship with Oak Ridge National Lab, Jason is perfectly positioned to advance scientific collaborations between Vanderbilt and Oak Ridge further,” Vice Provost for Research Padma Raghavan said. “I am delighted to have him in this role, and look forward to working with him to develop this important collaboration further.”

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