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Jason Valentine Wins Chancellor’s Research Award

Jason Valentine, associate professor of mechanical engineering, was one of five Vanderbilt professors who won a Chancellor’s Award for Research this week. The award recognizes excellence in works published or presented in the last three calendar years. Recipients also received $2,000 and an engraved pewter julep cup. Valentine was honored for work published in Nano Letters in which he…

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VINSE Colloquium Series: “Emerging 2D Materials, Devices and Nanosystems” Dr. Deji Akinwande; The University of Texas at Austin 10/04/17

October 4, 2017 Deji Akinwande The University of Texas at Austin Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering “Emerging 2D Materials, Devices and Nanosystems” 4:10 PM, 134 Featheringill Hall Refreshments served at 3:45 Abstract This talk will present new directions and emerging device concepts based on layered nanomaterials, and transition from laboratory ideas to commercialization….

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VINSE Open House/Ribbon Cutting

On October 24, 2017 VINSE will commemorate the grand opening of the newly constructed VINSE Core Facilities. Our new state of the art facilities include a class 1000/100 cleanroom, analytical/nanocrystal support core and advanced imaging suite. The cleanroom provides cutting-edge micro- and nanoscale fabrication tools for the development of integrated circuits, microfluidic and nanophotonic systems….

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18th Annual Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Forum – NanoDay! 10/25/17 – Keynote Speaker – William Buhro

18th Annual Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Forum will be held on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.  William Buhro will be this year’s keynote speaker. more details about NanoDay! 17 coming soon “Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals – Shape Matters” William Buhro Chairman, Department of Chemistry; George E. Pake Professor in Arts & Science Washington University in St. Louis The seminar provides a…

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Hijacking human proteins to better deliver anti-cancer drugs

Powerful molecules can hitch rides on a plentiful human protein and signal tumors to self-destruct, a team of Vanderbilt University engineers found. Their research gives oncologists a better shot at overcoming the problems of drug resistance, toxicity to patients and a host of other barriers to consistently achieving successful gene therapy for cancer. It is…

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Cotton candy capillaries lead to circuit boards that dissolve when cooled

Building transient electronics is usually about doing something to make them stop working: blast them with light, soak them with acid, dunk them in water. Professor Leon Bellan’s idea is to dissolve them with neglect: Stop applying heat, and they come apart. Using silver nanowires embedded in a polymer that dissolves in water below 32…

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Congratulations to Quinton Mcclain, recipient of the 2017 VINSE Scholarship to attend the Vanderbilt Summer Academy Program in Nanosciences

Congratulations to Quinton Mcclain, recipient of the 2017 VINSE Scholarship to attend the Vanderbilt Summer Academy Program in Nanosciences.  Quinton is a 10th grader at the Nashville School of Arts. Students who attend VSA are among the brightest in the country, scoring in the top tier on academic achievement tests such as the SAT and ACT….

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Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy in Nanoscience is Underway

Week 2 of the Vanderbilt Summer Academy (VSA) program in Nanoscience is underway. VSA is a residential, two week session in nanoscience and nanotechnology for 15 gifted high school students who have expressed an interest in nanoscience and nanotechnology.  The program is part lecture, part hands-on, and in addition to nanoscience experiments (e.g. nanocrystal synthesis)…

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Anna Douglas – Engineering – Olin. Anna Douglas is a PhD student who has received a prestigious (and not yet publicly announced) award to work at ORNL on SkyNano, a company based on technology she developed that could make the manufacture of single-walled carbon nanotubes easier and cheaper. Production now requires expensive equipment and controlled conditions, resulting in a final product that sells for $900/gram and makes widespread adoption cost prohibitive. She is one of five entrepreneurs picked for Innovation Crossroads, at ORNL for the first time, and is the only one who does not already have her PhD. The fellowship covers living costs, benefits, travel and up to $350,000 in research costs for up to 2 years to use on collaborative research in clean energy innovations.

Anna's technology takes carbon dioxide out the ambient air to produce high-value carbon nanotubes, which have applications in electronics, aerospace, medical devices, drug delivery, shielding, sensors, etc. The material has great strength and less weight than typical composites. It has great conductivity and can withstand high heat and pressure. Single-walled carbon nanotubes, if successfully commercialized at a larger scale, could be the foundation for nextgen electronics.  Anna and Professor Cary Pint believe her system could produce SWCN for less than $1/gram. They formed SkyNano - Anna is the CEO and deferring her NSF fellowship to work on scaling it to a product line. For Engineering School website, likely Research News at Vanderbilt and possible outside media. Photo by Joe Howell

IMS graduate student Anna Douglas selected for prestigious entrepreneurship program

An interdisciplinary materials science graduate student has been selected for a prestigious entrepreneurship program to scale and commercialize a revolutionary method of carbon nanotube production. Anna Douglas is one of five entrepreneurs selected for the inaugural cohort of the Department of Energy Innovation Crossroads program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The accelerator program includes…

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June 5, 2017 Significant progress has been made resolving ventilation issues in the new cleanroom. Corrective actions are currently being planned for remaining items that affect the exhaust from several tools. The cleanroom tool move schedule has been updated reflecting the progress made to date. Dates for moving the remaining tools will be determined once…

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