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Anna Douglas – Engineering – Olin. Anna Douglas is a PhD student who has received a prestigious (and not yet publicly announced) award to work at ORNL on SkyNano, a company based on technology she developed that could make the manufacture of single-walled carbon nanotubes easier and cheaper. Production now requires expensive equipment and controlled conditions, resulting in a final product that sells for $900/gram and makes widespread adoption cost prohibitive. She is one of five entrepreneurs picked for Innovation Crossroads, at ORNL for the first time, and is the only one who does not already have her PhD. The fellowship covers living costs, benefits, travel and up to $350,000 in research costs for up to 2 years to use on collaborative research in clean energy innovations.

Anna's technology takes carbon dioxide out the ambient air to produce high-value carbon nanotubes, which have applications in electronics, aerospace, medical devices, drug delivery, shielding, sensors, etc. The material has great strength and less weight than typical composites. It has great conductivity and can withstand high heat and pressure. Single-walled carbon nanotubes, if successfully commercialized at a larger scale, could be the foundation for nextgen electronics.  Anna and Professor Cary Pint believe her system could produce SWCN for less than $1/gram. They formed SkyNano - Anna is the CEO and deferring her NSF fellowship to work on scaling it to a product line. For Engineering School website, likely Research News at Vanderbilt and possible outside media. Photo by Joe Howell

IMS graduate student Anna Douglas selected for prestigious entrepreneurship program

An interdisciplinary materials science graduate student has been selected for a prestigious entrepreneurship program to scale and commercialize a revolutionary method of carbon nanotube production. Anna Douglas is one of five entrepreneurs selected for the inaugural cohort of the Department of Energy Innovation Crossroads program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The accelerator program includes…

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June 5, 2017 Significant progress has been made resolving ventilation issues in the new cleanroom. Corrective actions are currently being planned for remaining items that affect the exhaust from several tools. The cleanroom tool move schedule has been updated reflecting the progress made to date. Dates for moving the remaining tools will be determined once…

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Nanocrystal / Analytical Lab Relocation Information

VINSE plans to begin moving Nanocrystal and Analytical tools from the current SC 6210 lab to the new ESB 107 lab on Thursday June 1. The last day to use the current laboratory will be Wednesday May 31. VINSE hopes and expects to have the new up and running on Monday June 5, or early…

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2017 Summer Nanoseminar Schedule

The VINSE summer nanoseminar series provides an opportunity for graduate students or post-docs to share their current research with the larger VINSE community to foster discussion and collaboration.  Each seminar will consist of 2 talks of 15-20 minutes each with 10-15 minutes of questions.  The goal of these talks is to discuss and challenge the…

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Clare McCabe and Sharon Weiss named to endowed chairs

  Clare McCabe McCabe is a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, associate dean of Vanderbilt’s graduate school and director of Postdoctoral Affairs. She uses molecular modeling to understand the thermodynamic and transport properties of complex fluids, nanomaterials and biological systems. Current projects including developing novel lubricants for nano-scale devices, understanding the self-assembly of skin…

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OSIRIS STEM relocation complete

The Osirirs STEM has been relocated to its new home in the VINSE Imaging Suite located in the basement of the Engineering and Science Building (ESB) Room 011. This is a fully digital 200 kV S/TEM system, designed to deliver revolutionary analytical performance in all imaging and analytical modes. Click here for training and access

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18th Annual Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Forum – NanoDay! 10/25/17 – Keynote Speaker – William Buhro

18th Annual Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Forum will be held on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.  William Buhro will be this year’s keynote speaker. more details about NanoDay! 17 coming soon “Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals – Shape Matters” William Buhro Chairman, Department of Chemistry; George E. Pake Professor in Arts & Science Washington University in St. Louis The seminar provides a…

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VINSE outeach program reaches milestone

VINSE recently hosted our 100th group of Middle Tennessee high school students for a daylong field trip to the VINSE laboratories, giving the students hands-on experience in science and technology. <–full article–>

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FEI Helios

Helios FIB-SEM now available in ESB

The Helios FIB-SEM has been relocated to its new home in the VINSE Imaging Suite located in the basement of the Engineering and Science Building (ESB) Room 019.  The Helios FIB-SEM provides the capability to fabricate TEM thin sections, modify surfaces using electron and ion beam induced deposition, and is an excellent imaging platform using…

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Zeiss Merlin SEM relocation schedule

The Merlin SEM is moving to the new VINSE Imaging Suite in the Engineering and Science Building, room 015. Move schedule. April 19 – EDX system will be removed from SEM and packed for relocation April 23 – Last day of service as an imaging tool April 24 – physical move May 3 – anticipated return to service…

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