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Did you know? VINSE Helios G3X FIB-SEM

Sep. 9, 2023—Did you know that the VINSE Helios FIB-SEM can create a nanosized sample from nearly any bulk material?  Guided by the SEM, the focused ion beam can mill micron to nanoscale sections of glass, ceramics, semiconductors, metals and even vitrified cells and bacteria. Use these sections to gain sub-nm structural information with VINSE’s Osiris TEM-STEM....

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Did you know? VINSE DISCO Dicing Saw

Jul. 28, 2023—Did you know that the DISCO DAD3220 dicing saw can section blank and patterned substrates such as silicon, glass slides, sapphire, and more?  You can fabricate multiple devices on one wafer and dice afterwards to save time and resources.  The patterned devices can be coated with a layer of thin photoresist during the cutting for...

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Did you know? VINSE Zetasizer

Jul. 7, 2023—Did you know that the Zetasizer Ultra permits accurate and rapid measurements of particle concentration using Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering? It can also measure molecular weight using Static Light Scattering in addition to molecular size and charge with as little as a few microliters of sample. Learn more about the VINSE Zetasizer Advance Series Red...

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Did you know? VINSE Zeiss Merlin SEM

Jun. 7, 2023—Did you know the Zeiss Merlin SEM can rapidly identify the chemical composition of your sample? Equipped with an Oxford X-max 50 SDD EDS detector, the chemical-specific X-rays excited by the electron beam can identify and even quantify the sample’s chemical composition. You can also generate beautiful and informative chemical maps with EDS mapping ability....

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