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NanoDay 2021 Poster Winners

Posted by on Monday, November 22, 2021 in News.

More than 175 faculty, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students engaged in nanoresearch at Vanderbilt attended the 21st annual Nanoscience/Nanotechnology Forum (“NanoDay!”) on November 19th. 51 posters were submitted in the 2021 student poster competition and the winners are:

NanoDay! 2021 poster winners – Cavestany, Nehil-Puleo, DeJulius, Carson, Glass, and Spear (Eaves-Rathert not pictured)

1st Place – $500
Carcia Carson, Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: John T. Wilson
A pH-Responsive Nanoparticle Platform for Improving Immunogenicity of Cancer Vaccines

2nd Place – $250
Maria Lopez Cavestany
, Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Michael King
ZnO Nanostructured Surfaces for the Enhances Formation of Colorectal Cancer Spheroids

Janna Eaves-Rathert, Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Jason Valentine
Dynamic Color Tuning with Electrochemically Actuated TiO2 Metasurfaces

3rd Place – $100
Carli DeJulius,
Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Craig Duvall
Antioxidant, Nano-in-Micro System for Sustained Erythropoietin Delivery in a Mouse Model of Glaucoma

Evan Glass, Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Todd Giorgio
Stimulating Macrophage-Dependent Anti-Tumor Immunity with siRNA-Loaded, Mannosylated Nanoparticles in Ovarian Cancer

Guanyu Lu, Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Josh Caldwell
Engineering the Spectral and Spatial Dispersion of Thermal Emission using Phonon Polaritons

Fan Favorite – $100
Nathan Spear, Interdisciplinary Materials Science
Advisor: Janet Macdonald
Enhancement of Harmonic Generation in Bilayer Au-CuS Nanoparticle Films

First Year Rotation – $200
Kieran Nehil-Puleo, Interdisciplinary Materials Science
Advisor: Greg Walker
Controlling Thermoregulation using Neural Networks

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