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Congratulations to VINSE’s 2022 Graduates

Posted by on Saturday, May 14, 2022 in News.


VINSE would like to congratulate all of the 2022 Vanderbilt graduates, especially those associated with VINSE.  These students carried out research within our facilities, were members of our VINSE Tech Crew or participated in NanoDay! and colloquia events.  We wish you all the best as you begin then next phase of your career.

VINSE Undergraduate Staff

Bachelor of Arts
Lily Michael Wald (Neuroscience)

Bachelor of Engineering
Megan Kay Dernberger (Mechanical Engineering)
Kate Alexandra Johnson, cum laude (Chemical Engineering)

VINSE Partners

Bachelor of Arts
Qiaohong Wang, cum laude, Honors in the College of Arts and Science, Highest
Honors in Astronomy (Mathematics and Physics)

Bachelor of Engineering
Patrick Joseph Gerber (Chemical Engineering)
Shubham Gulati, summa cum laude, Honors in Biomedical Engineering
(Biomedical Engineering)
Kevin Liu, cum laude, Highest Honors in Biochemistry & Chemical Biology
(Biochemistry & Chemical Biology and Spanish)
Long Viet Tan, summa cum laude, Highest Honors in Chemistry (Chemical
Engineering and Chemistry)
Natalie Nicole Tomas (Biomedical Engineering)
Fan Xue, summa cum laude (Biomedical Engineering and Electrical
Taehyung Yoon (Biomedical Engineering)

Bachelor of Science
Benjamin Vo Wong, summa cum laude (Human & Organizational
Development and Molecular & Cellular Biology)

Master of Science
Joshua Audenago Allen (Interdisciplinary Materials Science)
Rachel Lauren Boone (Chemical Engineering)
María López Cavestany (Biomedical Engineering)
Laura Elizabeth Hesse (Microbiology and Immunology)
Yuxi Jiang (Electrical Engineering)
Lauren Michelle Myers (Chemistry)
Christian Darvin Ornelas (Physics)
Arthur Christopher Watkins (Electrical Engineering)

Doctor of Philosophy
Bradley Alan Baker (Chemical Engineering)
Allison Bosworth (Biomedical Engineering)
Cara Elisabeth Bradsher (Chemistry)
Matthew Luel Breeding (Interdisciplinary Materials Science)
Tengfei Cao (Interdisciplinary Materials Science)
Margaret Caroline Calhoun (Chemistry)
Carcia S. Carson (Biomedical Engineering)
Stephanie Castillo (Interdisciplinary Studies: Science Communication
in Chemistry)
Andrew Luis Cook (Biomedical Engineering)
Jenna Maria DeSousa (Chemistry)
Matthew John Dietrich (Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Bryan Russell Dollinger (Biomedical Engineering)
Matthew Lee Fitzgerald (Mechanical Engineering)
David Charles Florian, Jr. (Biomedical Engineering)
Kyle Michell Garland (Chemical Engineering)
Evan Bryce Glass (Biomedical Engineering)
Mariia Gorchichko (Electrical Engineering)
Sami Ibrahim Halimi (Electrical Engineering)
Christopher Paul Haycook (Biomedical Engineering)
Andrew Geofrey Kantor (Chemistry)
Gregory Brian Lowen (Chemical Engineering)
Ray Andrew Matsumoto (Chemical Engineering)
Carson Paige Moore (Chemistry)
Joshua Ryan Nolen (Interdisciplinary Materials Science)
Joshua Michael Passantino (Chemical Engineering)
Prarthana Patil (Biomedical Engineering)
Stephanie Irene Pearlman (Biomedical Engineering)
Liudmyla Prozorovska (Interdisciplinary Materials Science)
Mahmud Reaz (Interdisciplinary Materials Science)
Samantha Christine Schwager (Biomedical Engineering)
Christopher David Stachurski (Chemistry)
Megan Elaine van der Horst (Chemistry)
Krysta Lee Waldrop (Chemical Engineering)
Thayer Storm Walmsley (Physics)
Xiaona Wen (Chemical Engineering)
Samuel Tomas White (Physics)
John Michael Williams II (Interdisciplinary Materials Science)
Kody Dean Wolfe (Interdisciplinary Materials Science)
Yuchen Zhang (Electrical Engineering)
Zackary Adam Zimmers (Biomedical Engineering)