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Meet Our Graduates: Judson Ryckman

Posted by on Wednesday, July 6, 2022 in Meet Our Graduates, News.


Judson Ryckman earned his PhD in Vanderbilt University Electrical and Computer Engineering at Vanderbilt University in 2013 under Prof. Sharon Weiss. Judson’s first exposure to academic research was through participation in a summer research experience for undergraduates which included regular use of  VINSE laboratories at their earlier location in Stevenson Center. After graduating from Vanderbilt, Judson joined Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, CA as a research scientist and photonic design engineer, ultimately contributing toward the development and successful commercial release of Intel’s first silicon photonics products (100G PSM4 and CWDM4). During his time at Intel he coordinated closely with fab partners to ensure optimal performance and high yield of silicon photonic passive designs in 300 mm wafer scale processes, and cites his prior experiences at VINSE’s and Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s cleanrooms as providing a “an excellent foundation for his work”.

In the fall of 2016 Judson joined Clemson University as an Assistant Professor. His research is centered in the field of nanophotonics which studies and harnesses light interaction with nanostructured materials and devices. Within this domain he currently specializes in: (1) optical biosensors based on colorimetric and waveguide devices, (2) nanostructured silicon photonics for cybersecurity and enhanced light-matter interactions, and (3) scalable nanomanufacturing techniques for flat-optics and metasurfaces. He has been recognized with both the AFOSR YIP and NSF CAREER Awards, holds 10 patents, and currently serves as an advisor to Anello Photonics.

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