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“Freestanding Bipolar Membranes with an Electrospun Junction for High Current Density Water Splitting” published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, selected as a VINSE Spotlight Publication

Posted by on Thursday, November 10, 2022 in News, Spotlight Publications.


About the author: Devon Powers earned his Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering PhD in May 2019 under the direction of Prof. Peter Pintauro. Devon’s studies were focused on fabrication techniques for ion-exchange membranes for H2/air fuel cells and water splitting applications. Through electrospinning, he was able to obtain intimate mixing of otherwise dissimilar materials, leading to unique membrane structures and compositions. In this work, he combined cation-conducting nanofibers with anion-conducting nanofibers to create a bipolar membrane, which allowed for electrochemical water splitting at competitive voltages as compared to commercially available bipolar membranes. Devon is now a fuel cell engineer with HX5, LLC.



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