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“Tunable, ferroelectricity-inducing, spin-spiral magnetic ordering in monolayer FeOCl” published in Nano Letters selected as VINSE Spotlight Publication

Posted by on Thursday, January 5, 2023 in News, Spotlight Publications.


About the author: Deliang Bao is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Physics and Astronomy under the direction of Dr. Sokrates T. Pantelides.  In recently published work, by employing density-functional-theory calculations, he demonstrated a non-collinear magnetism, namely spin spiral, in the monolayer FeOCl, which features tunability with uniaxial strain and electron/hole doping. The electronic property (bandgap) of the monolayer FeOCl will be modulated by the magnetic orderings, accordingly. An out-of-plane electronic polarization, i.e., ferroelectricity, induced by the spin spiral is also demonstrated, raising FeOCl as a promising candidate to realize type-II multiferroicity in monolayers.

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