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“Ultrafast X-ray imaging of the light-induced phase transition in VO2” published in Nature Physics, selected as Spotlight Publication

Posted by on Monday, January 30, 2023 in News, Spotlight Publications.


Congratulations to Richard Haglund and Kent Hallman for their Nature Physics publication. This paper is the latest from a multi-year, multi-national (United States, Germany, Denmark, South Korea, France, United Kingdom) collaboration in which Vanderbilt’s part was the preparation and characterization (in conjunction with the Technical University-Berlin) of a challenging ultrathin holographic gold-vanadium dioxide “sandwich” on an X-ray transparent silicon nitride window for ultrafast X-ray holography studies – that in this paper yielded a simultaneous time-resolved (less than 100 femtoseconds), space-resolved (50 nm resolution) movie of the metal-insulator transition in vanadium dioxide, one of the most important quantum materials for photonic and electronic technologies.

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