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IMS graduate student Trey Long awarded Richard Bennett/Dorothy Danforth Compton Prize

Posted by on Friday, March 10, 2023 in News.

TreyMackey “Trey” Long, an Interdisciplinary Materials Science graduate student, has won the Richard Bennett/Dorothy Danforth Compton Prize. This is one of eight endowed awards established by donors to recognize students with outstanding scholarships, specifically recognizes promising graduate minority students in science and engineering. Trey, a first year IMS graduate student, received his B.S. in Materials Engineering from Auburn University before attending Vanderbilt. While Trey has thrived in the classroom setting, graduating Cum Laude from Auburn and showing incredible academic prowess his first year at Vanderbilt despite taking three of the most challenging classes offered at once, he has shined in the lab setting. During his rotational research in the Caldwell lab, which he ultimately decided to join, he has taken on a complicated project controlling heat flow through nanoscale optical effects.

The Richard Bennett/Dorothy Danforth Compton Prize was established in memory of Richard Bernard Bennett III, M.D. 1990, Ph.D. 1992. 

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