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VINSE Recognizes Faculty Accomplishments in the 17th Annual Fall Faculty Celebration

Posted by on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 in Events, News.

FacultyThe 17th annual VINSE Fall Faculty Celebration was held on October 10, 2023, recognizing accomplishments of our community and celebrating faculty promotions.


Xiaoguang Dong | Mona Ebrish | Marjan Rafat | Krishnendu (Krish) Roy | René Colehour | Jasmine Zhang


We celebrate the recent promotions of the following faculty:

Shihong Lin – named Chancellor Faculty Fellow

Ethan S. Lippmann – named Chancellor Faculty Fellow

Jason G. Valentine – promoted to Professor


This year VINSE recognized Jeremy Espano for his vision and creation of the VINSE Meet the Faculty video series.


We recognize the following faculty for their accomplishments reports in these top five high impact journal publications.

Shihong Lin

“Polyamide nanofiltration membrane with highly uniform sub-nanometre pores for sub-1 Å precision separation.” Nature communications, 11(1), 2015 (2020)

“Distinct behaviors between gypsum and silica scaling in membrane distillation.” Environmental Science & Technology, 54 (1), 568-576 (2019)

Jason G. Valentine

“Flat optics for image differentiation.” Nature Photonics, 14(5), 316-323 (2020)

Sokrates T. Pantelides

“Synthesis and properties of free-standing monolayer amorphous carbon.” Nature 577(7789), 199-203 (2020)

“Tunable quadruple-well ferroelectric van der Waals crystals.” Nature Materials, 19(1), 43-48 (2020).

Josh D. Caldwell

“Infrared permittivity of the biaxial van der waals semiconductor α‐MoO3 from near‐and far‐field correlative studies.” Advanced Materials, 32(29), 1908176 (2020).

John T. Wilson

“Co-delivery of peptide neoantigens and stimulator of interferon genes agonists enhances response to cancer vaccines.” ACS nano, 14(8), 9904-9916 (2020).


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