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VINSE Best Collaborative Paper Awardees Attend A Celebratory Dinner

Posted by on Thursday, March 14, 2024 in News.


Recently, Andrey Shults, Guanyu Lu, Josh Caldwell and Janet Macdonald celebrated their winning 2023 VINSE Best Collaborative Paper award. The paper has contributions from two VINSE groups from different departments – the Macdonald group in Chemistry and the Caldwell group in Mechanical Engineering. The authors report on colloidal chemistry synthesis and characterization that provides key insights for the rational and targeted synthesis of metal sulfide nanoparticles. This paper was published in Nanoscale Horizons, which is the highest tier “Nano” journal in the Royal Society of Chemistry family of journals.

Every year on NanoDay, VINSE announces the Best Collaborative Paper award which comes with a cash prize and a celebratory dinner for all contributing authors. Stay posted for the nomination this year!

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