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Sixteen students from White House Heritage High School Join Forensics Lab On April 11

Posted by on Friday, April 12, 2024 in News.


It seems like nothing eye-catching at the “crime scene”, but what are the hidden clues that you should not miss out? On Thursday, April 11, VINSE welcomed 16 students from White House Heritage High School to our Forensics Lab. During the forensics lab program, the students solved a whodunnit-themed activity using several types of spectroscopies including Raman, FTIR, absorption and photoluminescence. They also extracted chlorophyll from spinach, analyzed perfumes and took spectra on different jewelry.

Special thanks to our NanoGuides Jeremy Espano, Soren Smail, Matthew Galazzo, and Matthew Vasuta for their invaluable assistance. They helped guide students tackle forensic puzzles and fundamental scientific inquiries and made this event engaging!

If your school is interested in this fun and scientific activity, please contact for more information!

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