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Thirteen Students from White County High School Join Cleanroom Solar Cell Lab Today

Posted by on Wednesday, April 3, 2024 in News.

White County High School White County High School3 White County High School2

How does a solar cell work and how can you make one? On Wednesday, April 3, VINSE welcomed 13 students from White County High School to our Cleanroom Solar Cell Lab. They went inside the VINSE cleanroom, home of the cleanest air in middle Tennessee, and found out with hands-on activities!  The students created a full silicon/polymer hybrid solar cell, measured the electricity generated by shining light on the solar cell, and used light-based stenciling to pattern metal electrodes like those used on solar cells. They also examined how to change the amount of electricity a solar cell collects, use that electricity to power a lightbulb, and explore how their results could make better solar cells.

Special thanks to our NanoGuides who helped lead activities and explained further for students. They are:  Laura Bertolami, Allison Cordova Huaman, Owen Meilander and Morgan Struthers.

If your school is interested in this opportunity, please contact for more information.

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