African Studies

Course Offerings

Fall 2017

HIST 1270: History of Sub-Saharan Africa, 1400 to 1850

HIST 2138: Blood Diamonds, Blood Oil: Commodities and Conflicts in Africa

HIST 8615 (Graduate): Readings in African History

History 8610 (Graduate): Atlantic World History*

PSCI 1101: Introduction to Comparative Politics*

Rhythm of Change: African Music and African Politics

PSCI 8370 (Graduate): Seminar in African Politics

Spring 2018

HIST 2139: Technology, Nature and Power in Africa

HIST 1281W. The Making of African Cities: Histories of Globalization and Migration

HIST 3200: Economy, Society, and the History of Poverty in Africa

HIST 2137: The Mandelas: Biography, Struggle, and Legacy

PSCI: African Politics

EDUC: (Graduate) Education in Africa

*Significant content relating to African politics.