African Studies



“Why the Sartorial choices of Salifi Clerics sparked a debate on morality in Nigeria”
by Moses Ochonu
Op-Ed, The Conversation
January 10, 2018

“‘Black Panther’ Rewrites the Moment of the Original Colonial Encounter in Africa”
by Moses Ochonu
History News Network
March 12, 2018

Addressing the Challenge of Coloniality in the Promises of Modernity and Cosmopolitanism to Higher Education: De-bordering, De-centering/De-peripherizing, and De-colonilizing.”
by José Cossa
in Re-Visioning Visioning Education in Africa, eds. Takyi-Amoako E. and Assié-Lumumba N.
Palgrave MacMillan

“Texting Complaints to Politicians: Name Personalization and Politicians’ Encouragement in Citizen Mobilization.”
by Kristin Michelitch,  Guy Grossman, and Marta Santamaria
Comparative Political Studies
Vol. 50, 2017 – Issue 10: 1325-1357

“Capturing the Airways, Capturing the Nation? A Field Experiment on State-Run Media Effects in the Wake of a Coup.”
by Kristin Michelitch and Jamie Bleck
Journal of Politics
Vol. 79, 2017 – Issue 3: 8

“Pursuing social justice through public health: gender and sexual diversity activism in Malawi”
by Tara McKay and Ashley Currier
Critical African Studies
Vol. 9, 2017 – Issue 1: The Politics of Homosexuality in Africa

Slavery and Abolition in the Atlantic World: New Sources and New Findings, 2017
Edited by Jane Landers, Department of History
Oxfordshire, England: Taylor and Francis Books

Neoliberal globalization, the white working class and American exceptionalism
by Moses Ochonu
Pambazuka News
November 24, 2016

The Shattering Of The Buhari Mythology”
by Moses Ochonu
Sahara Reporters
August 4, 2016