If you are interested in organizing a mini-symposium (consisting of six talks on a particular subject), please read the information at Talk to see how to submit a proposal (deadline April 1, 2019).


Current List of Minisymposia and their Organizers

  • Advances in High-dimensional Approximation: Akil Narayan and Ling Guo
  • Advances in Local Approximation and Applications:  Alessandra  Sestini
  • Frames in High-dimensional Signal and Data Processing: Roza Aceska, Yeon Hyang, and Jean-Luc Bouchot
  •  Interaction between Sampling Theory and Operator Theory:  Akram Aldroubi and Joachim Stoeckler
  • Neural Network Approximation: Simon Foucart and Boris Hanin
  •  Polynomial Approximation and Applications: Sergiy Borodachov
  • Probabilistic Numerics and Kernel-Based Methods: Toni Karvonen
  • Recent Advances in Kernel-based Approximation:  Varun Shankar and Grady Wright
  • Recent Advances in Multivariate Splines: Carla Manni, Espen Sande, and Hendrik Speleers
  • Recent Developments in Phase Retrieval and Applications: Ming-Jun Lai and Zhiqiang Xu
  •  Reduced and Parametric Methods for Function Approximations: Anton Dereventsov and Armenak Petroysyan
  •  Spectral and High-order Methods: Daan Huybrechs and Cecile Piret