Submit/View Abstracts


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All speakers must submit an abstract using the  LaTeX template below.  Once we receive your abstract, we will review it to make sure it is thematically appropriate for the meeting.  If it fits with the conference themes, it will be processed into the list of Submitted abstracts (this may take a couple of days).  If it does not fit, we will notify you.  Important Note: To be included in the program, you must submit an abstract,  register, and pay your registration fees by May 1. A preliminary program will be posted on May 7, and the final program on May 13. To submit an abstract:

  • Copy the template listed below into a file named Yourlastname.tex. You may want to add your firstname on the end of this file name to make sure it is unique. Use only letters in the name. Do not use any spaces, dots, dashes,  underscores, or diacritical marks.
  • Fill in the requested information including the body of your abstract.  You can then LaTeX it to check that it looks OK.
  • Send the resulting file Yourlastname.tex as an email attachment to Do not send the PDF file.  If you want to revise your abstract, send a new TeX file with the same file name.

\usepackage{amsmath,amssymb}          % Don’t introduce other packages

\vskip 2pc\goodbreak
\centerline{\sc Title of your Paper}             % Main words capitalized

\centerline {A. Author and B.Author$^*$}     % mark the speaker with $^*$
\centerline {Vanderbilt University}                 % For the speaker only
\centerline{\tt john.doe@com}                       % Full email address with @
\centerline{\tt homepage}                              % Use $\sim$ if you need a ~

PUT THE BODY OF YOUR abstract here.  It should consist of a paragraph or
two.  We won’t accept extended abstracts.  Don’t use any footnotes. You may
use mathematics, but avoid displays.  Don’t make a list of references.
It may take a couple of days for your abstract to be approved, at which
point we will insert it in the submitted abstract list.  Go there to check
that everything is OK.  Send us an email if you withdraw or change your abstract.