Bornhop Research Group

We are part of the Vanderbilt University Department of Chemistry, The Vanderbilt Institute for Chemical Biology and Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center.  Our research is highly interdisciplinary, integrating chemistry, optics, biophysics, chemical biology and biomedical engineering. Our group employs nanoscale sensing tools that engage systems biology, for pharmacologic studies, mechanistic inquiry, as well as biomarker detection and development for the advancement of “personalized medicine”.  We are also heavily invested in developing and establishing interdisciplinary courses and promoting industrial – academic collaborations.

Ongoing advising and consulting on molecularly targeted therapies and imaging agents, particularly those for multi-modal signaling (fluorescence, MR, PET, SPECT, CT). Applications include disease detection and diagnosis, surgical guidance, efficacy monitoring and in-vitro assays. research with top of the line instruments. Initiatives with medicine, physics and engineering put us at the forefront of new areas of science. These partnerships permit us to cross boundaries between engineering, physics, biochemistry, pharmacology and medicine to achieve noteworthy advancements across disciplines.