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ES 1401 – Introduction to Engineering (Electrical)

Students assemble, test and virtually “fly” a mock satellite. Teams will be challenged to assemble a complete engineering unit of a satellite, perform a set of representative environmental measurements similar to those of interest to earth-monitoring missions, and transmit the results back to a ground station. This module provides a better understanding of how electrical engineers work together as a team to apply fundamental concepts to solve a complex problem of importance to society.

EECE 3860 – Undergraduate Research

Supervised projects in electrical engineering, computer engineering, or related fields.

 EECE 4289 – Spacecraft Systems

This course offers a broad discussion of the electronic subsystems in spacecraft with a focus on reliable operation in the harsh environment of space. Topics will include solar power, radioisotope thermoelectric generators, fuel cells, communications, imagers, and mechanisms of failure.

EECE 4377 – FPGA Design

Design and applications of field-programmable gate arrays, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools for design, placement, and routing. Hardware description languages. Implementation of designs on prototype FPGA board.