Much like modern French writers, poets writing in Francien used the subjunctive mode to express of doubt, uncertainty, and strong emotion. While the imperfect subjunctive has gone out of fashion in modern French, you can find it used in Francien texts. See below for four examples:

present subjunctive 

soit (627) : 3rd person singular


imperfect subjunctive 

fussiez (249)


subjunctive omission 

desesperez (348) : 2nd person plural


toz seroie (348) : 3rd person singular



The conditional mode functions in Old French as it does in modern French. The verb endings are similar to those in modern French, as are the stem changes that you can see in the following three examples:

feroiz (795) : 2nd person plural


porroit (198) : 3rd person singular


voldroie (269) : 3rd person singular