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Lattice Light Sheet

Why Use This Microscope?

The Lattice Light sheet is a custom-built microscope that allows for rapid spatial imaging of the sample’s biology with limited phototoxicity.   It accomplished this through the creation of a lattice pattern of Bessel beams that are swept back and worth to create a sheet of light and the focal plane.  The sample is then moved through the sheet of light at high-speed using a piezo stage resulting in volumetric imaging with approximately 20-fold reduction in phototoxicity compared to spinning disk. More information about the lattice light sheet. Here’s an interactive tool for Lattice on FPbase.


Detector / Cameras:

  • Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash4.0 V3


  • 488nm
  • 561nm
  • 583nm
  • 640nm


  • 527/70-25        Single Bandpass for eGFP/mEmerald using only one fluorophore
  • 525/50-25        Single Bandpass for eGFP/mEmerald using more than one fluorophore
  • 594R-25            Long pass for mCherry (and similar) using only one fluorophore
  • 629/56-25        Single Bandpass for mCherry (and similar) using more than one fluorophore
  • 680/42-25        Single Bandpass for long reds (AF647 and similar)
  • 527/645-25      Dual Bandpass eGFP/mCherry (and similar)

Objective Lenses:

  • Emission: 28.6x, 0.66NA, 3.74mm WD Water Immersion Special Optics Custom Objective
  • Excitation: 25x, 1.1NA, 2mm WD, Water Immersion, Nikon Instruments

Charges: $32.50 per hour

Note: To use the microscope you must have an active iLab account. Contact Jenny for more information.


  • 704 Light Hall