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Zeiss Z1 Light Sheet Microscope

Why Use This Microscope?

The Zeiss Z1 light sheet is a turnkey microscope that allow you to image both cleared and live samples with a large organ level overview at subcellular resolution.  It does this by bringing in the light sheets from the sample’s side and imaging perpendicular to the sheet.    It then splits the emission light into two paths allowing dual-camera imaging.  For more information on the Zeiss Z1 light-sheet, click here.


Detector / Cameras:

  • 2X pco.edge 4.2 CLHS camera with a liquid cooled sCMOS sensor.


  • Beam splitter 490 nm
    • 420-470
    • 505-545
  • Beam splitter 510 nm
    • 420-470
    • 575-675
  • Beam splitter 560 nm
    • 505-545
    • 585 LP
  • Beam splitter 640 nm
    • 575-615
    • 660 LP

Objective Lenses:

  • 5x NA 0.16
  • 10XNA 0.5
  • 20X water 1.0
  • 20x NA 1.0

Charges: $32.50 per hour

Note: To use the microscope you must have an active iLab account and request access to the Cell Imaging Shared Resource in iLab. Reservations are made through our on-line iLab calendar. Contact Kari  to arrange training.


  • 704 Light Hall

Download / View Quickstart Guide.