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The tools and supplies we have in stock change all the time, but here are some of the things we typically offer:

Tools you can use

  • Ultimaker3 3D printers (PLA plastic)
  • Dremel rotary tool
  • Drill
  • Soldering station
  • Saws, craft knives, and scissors
  • Screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers
  • Clamps and vises
  • Multimeters, oscilloscopes, and frequency counters
  • Benchtop power supplies
  • Non-contact thermometers
  • Air pump and bicycle repair stand

Supplies you can borrow

  • Resistors, capacitors, and wire
  • Arduinos / BeagleBone Black
  • Switches, sensors, and motors
  • Tape, glue, solder, and zip ties
  • Scrap lumber
  • Aluminum extrusion
  • PVC pipe

Little nuts, bolts, or resistors are yours to keep. For the big-ticket items, however, you must leave your card with us when you borrow it. This is the only way we can guarantee that it is returned. Ask a mentor before checking out items for your project.