Ed Saff

Ed SaffE. B. Saff

Professor of Mathematics
Director, Center for Constructive Approximation
1326 Stevenson Center
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37240
Tel. 615-322-2014615-322-2014 Fax 615-343-0215
Email: Edward.B.Saff@Vanderbilt.Edu


Recent Articles

Minimum Riesz Energy Problems for a Condenser with “Touching Plates” (with P. Dragnev, D. Hardin, and N. Zorii), submitted [PDF]

The Covering Radius of Randomly Distributed Points on a Manifold (with A. Reznikov) submitted [PDF]

Universal Lower Bounds for Potential Energy of Spherical Codes (with P. Boyvalenkov, P. Dragnev, D. Hardin, and M. Stoyanova) submitted [PDF]

Covering of Spheres by Spherical Caps and Worst-Case Error for Equal
Weight Cubature in Sobolev Spaces (with J. S. Brauchart, J. Dick, I. H. Sloan, YG.  Wang and R. S. Womersley) submitted [PDF]

On the Zeros of Asymptotically Extremal Polynomials in the plane (with N. Stylianopoulos), J. Approx. Theory (to appear)  [PDF]

Orthogonal Polynomials for Area-type Measures and Image Recovery (with H. Stahl, N. Stylianopoulos, and V. Totik), SIAM J. Math Analysis (to appear)  [PDF]

Periodic Discrete Energy for Long-Range Potentials (with D. Hardin and B. Simanek), J. Math Physics (to appear)  [PDF]

Riesz External Field Problems on the Hypersphere and Optimal Point Separation (with J. Brauchart and P. Dragnev), Potential Analysis, vol. 41 (2014), 647-678. [PDF]

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