Ed Saff

Ed SaffE. B. Saff

Professor of Mathematics
Director, Center for Constructive Approximation
1326 Stevenson Center
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37240
Tel. 615-322-2014615-322-2014 Fax 615-343-0215
Email: Edward.B.Saff@Vanderbilt.Edu



“Optimal and Random Point Configurations
From Statistical Physics to Approximation Theory”
Paris, Institut Henri Poincaré, June 27th to July 1st, 2016.

Recent Articles

Generating Point Configurations via Hypersingular Riesz Energy with an External Field (with D. Hardin and
O. Vlasiuk) submitted. [PDF]

Random Point Sets on the Sphere-Hole Radii, Covering, and Separation (with J. Brauchart, I. Sloan, Y.G. Wang and R. Womersley) submitted [PDF]

Universal Upper and Lower Bounds on Energy of Spherical Designs (with P.G. Boyvalenkov, P. Dragnev, D. Hardin, and M. Stoyanova, Dolomites Research Notes on Approximation, vol. 8, 2015, 51-65. [PDF]

Energy Bounds for Codes and Designs in Hamming Spaces (with P.G. Boyvalenkov, P. Dragnev, D. Hardin, and M. Stoyanova) submitted.[PDF]

Next Order Energy Asymptotics for Riesz Potentials on Flat Tori”
(with D. Hardin, E. Saff, B. Simanek and Y. Su) IMRN (to appear) .[PDF]

Minimum Riesz Energy Problems for a Condenser with “Touching Plates” (with P. Dragnev, B. Fuglede, D. Hardin, and N. Zorii), Potential Analysis (to appear)  [PDF]

The Covering Radius of Randomly Distributed Points on a Manifold (with A. Reznikov) IMRN (to appear) [PDF]

Universal Lower Bounds for Potential Energy of Spherical Codes (with P. Boyvalenkov, P. Dragnev, D. Hardin, and M. Stoyanova), Constructive Approximation (to appear) [PDF]


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