Ed Saff

Points on Spheres and Manifolds

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Spiral Points on the Sphere

The spiral point algorithm developed by Rahkmanov, Saff, and Zhou has been improved by Knud Thomsen as follows:

p = 1/2
a = 1 – 2*p/(n-3)
b = p*(n+1)/(n-3)
r(1) = 0
theta(1) = pi
phi(1)) = 0
Then for k stepping by 1 from 2 to n-1:
k’ = a*k + b
h(k) = -1 + 2*(k’-1)/(n-1)
r(k) = sqrt(1-h(k)^2)
theta(k) = arccos(h(k))
phi(k) = [phi(k-1) + 3.6/sqrt(n)*2/(r(k-1)+r(k))] (mod 2*pi)
theta(n) = 0
phi(n) = 0


Code for Equal-Area Points on Sphere

EQ Sphere Partititions and Recursive Zonal Equal Area (EQ) Sphere Partitioning Toolbox: http://eqsp.sourceforge.net

100 Equal - Area Points on a Sphere


100 Equal – Area Points on a Sphere
Full Size: [JPG]


1000 Equal - Area Points on a Sphere


1000 Equal – Area Points on a Sphere
Full Size: [JPG]


10000 Equal - Area Points on a Sphere


10000 Equal – Area Points on a Sphere
Full Size: [JPG]

Poppy-Seed Bagel Theorem

Science & Vie Profile
Science & Vie, July 2005.

Poppy Seed Bagel Math

National Public Radio, Weekend Edition, December 11, 2004.

The Poppy-Seed Bagel Theorem
Exploration, The Online Research Journal of Vanderbilt University, November 30, 2004.

Discretizing Manifolds via Minimum Energy Points
Notices of the American Mathematical Society, November, 2004.

Rob Womersley’s Visualization of Minimum Energy Points on the Torus