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Book Chapters

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Selected Articles

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Invited Blog Posts

Pendergrass, E. (June 2021). June Weekend Picks (a series of 4 blog posts about what to read over the summer to prepare for school year).

Pendergrass, E. (December 9, 2020). YA Lit and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Hundley, M., & Pendergrass, E. (March 23, 2020). Pandemic and Epidemic YA Lit.

Pendergrass, E. (March 26, 2019). Gun Violence in YA Novels.

Pendergrass, E. (March 22, 2017). Harry Potter and the Transmedia Immersive Literature Class. YA Wednesday. Available at

Pendergrass, E. (November 21, 2014). It Takes a Village. Nerdy Book Club. Available at (NBC has over 5000 followers)

Online Contributions/In the News

Get to Know the New Faculty Heads of House

Reynolds, J. (2017, October 6). How to improve literacy scores: Trust teachers, make reading relevant.

Barnett, C. (2017, March 14) Students spend spring break studying Harry Potter in England.

Brasher, J. (2014, December 9). 20 fun learning activities for the holiday break. Vanderbilt News. My contribution was generating a list of activities that children could engage in over the holidays to take advantage of all learning opportunities.

Johnston, J. (2014, November 21). Teaching as a team sport boosts student performance.

Brasher, J. (2014, March 20). Harry Potter themed psychology class travels to England.

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