Reading Education FAQ

Duration of the Program?

Our program is typically 1 summer and 2 regular semesters (fall and spring). Some students opt to start in the summer and graduate in May; others start in the fall and graduate in August. Typically, 1-3 classes are taken in the summer term. Here at Peabody, we have 3 summer modules: a Maymester, June Module 1, and July Module 2. Most students take 2 classes in the summer so that leaves 12 hours in fall/spring and 13 in the other. Most of our classes meet for 3 hours at a time one time a week. Click here for a schedule of classes and choices.

What does a typical week look like? 

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Some students only take night classes so they can work more during the day; others mix it up and take day and night classes. The practicum works around your class and work schedule.

Do I have to have teaching experience?

We are one of very few programs that encourages just graduated students/newly licensed teachers to enroll as we believe it makes your teaching stronger once you start teaching. Each year our cohort is about half brand new/never taught/just graduated from undergrad/newly licensed teachers. In our program, we have a yearlong practicum where you work deeply with a local literacy coach in one of our partner public schools. In this practicum, you not only learn the role of the literacy coach where you learn to support other teachers in developing their craft of teaching reading. You will also learn the role of a reading specialist where you learn to pinpoint struggles that students are having through myriad assessments and targeted instruction to help struggling students grow.

Does the program lead to an endorsement added to my teaching license?

Successful completion of the Reading Educ. M. Ed. Program completes all the competencies required for adding the Reading Specialist endorsement to a Tennessee teaching license.  However, the state of TN also requires 2 years of full-time teaching before awarding this endorsement.  If you have not yet completed 2 years of teaching, Peabody College will hold your records, and make the recommendation for endorsement once you contact us with proof of teaching experience.

Students can combine the Reading Education M.Ed. program with and English Language Learner endorsement by careful course selection, which means that you can get endorsements in ELL AND Reading. Click here to see some how you might complete both endorsements.

Do people get hired?

100% are hired before the start of school! I think the word has gotten out that our reading candidates are highly prepared and will be effective teachers and teacher leaders, even as young teachers. Click here for a three-year report from the Vanderbilt Peabody College Career Center.

Where do people go after graduation?

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Where do people live?

Students can choose to live close to campus or a little further away. Some popular neighborhood names close to campus are Hillsboro Village, West End, Sylvan Park, 12th South, Midtown. And some that are further away are East Nashville, Bellevue, Antioch, Creive Hall, and Berry Hill. These neighborhood names will help you look for a place to live while you are here. 🙂

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This guide
gives a little bit of information about each neighborhood.

What do students do in Nashville?

Below is an attachment that a grad student made to highlight popular Nashville attractions.

Nashville_Flyer (2021)


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2021-2022 Cohort at a Friendsgiving Dinner

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