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  • figure1Our latest research on genetics and neurodegeneration with Zac Gerring and Eske Derks of QIMR Berghofer is out.



  • Reuters_healthCheck out this Reuters Health story about a new JAMA Psychiatry study on shared genetic factors between major psychiatric disorders and BMI.


  • Benson_Hall_VanderbiltWe are excited to design and teach the following graduate courses (Spring 2020) at Vanderbilt University:
    IGP 8002: Integrating Genomics and Phenomics: Characterizing Disease Mechanisms
    EPID 8332: Advanced Methods For Epidemiology




  • Vandy_BMEWe are super thrilled to be paired with students in a Senior Design group in Vanderbilt University’s Department of Biomedical Engineering for our project “Developing a Machine Learning Framework for Data Integration in Genomics and Precision Medicine” (PIs: Eric Gamazon and Sandra Zinkel).
  • ScienceNGOur recent paper on genetic mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric disease (Nature Genetics 55, 933 (2019)) received coverage in Science (14 June 2019).



  • agnietenkapel-351720Congratulations to Andries Marees for successful defense of his PhD thesis! The ceremony was held at the Agnietenkapel, built in the 1400’s and considered the birthplace of the University of Amsterdam.
    Marees heeft onderzocht wat de genetische basis is van middelengebruik/verslaving. Hij wilde achterhalen welke genetische varianten een rol spelen in de kwetsbaarheid om verslaafd te raken.






  • eLife_LogoBid maintains mitochondrial cristae structure and protects against cardiac disease in an integrative genomics study is out in eLIFE and was showcased in eLife Digest. We identified a homeostatic role for Bid in the regulation of mitochondrial structure and function with implications for human cardiac disease, combining cell biology and human genetic studies and observations in a model system. Bid-/- mice hearts have increased fibrotic damage after acute stress, similar to post-myocardial-infarction damage observed in human patients. Proteomics studies suggest a possible defect in mitochondrial respiratory chain function. Through immunoprecipitation, Bid binds the matrix form of Mcl-1 (previously implicated in cristae stability), which can be altered with helix-6 mutant M148T (nonsynonymous variation in Bid’s membrane binding domain).
  • ClareHall_LogoDr Gamazon is now a Life Member of Clare Hall, a graduate college devoted to advanced studies within the University of Cambridge. Life Member designation allows him to return to the college at any time to participate in its intellectual life, facilitating his extensive research collaborations within the university.



  • FRSB_LogoDr Gamazon was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology in July 2018.








  • ClareHall_LogoDr Gamazon has been elected to a Clare Hall Visiting Fellowship to advance his research and mentor graduate students in the University of Cambridge. Fellows become Life Members of Clare Hall, Cambridge.


  • UCambridgeDr Gamazon is a visiting researcher (Department of Medicine, MRC Biostatistics Unit, MRC Epidemiology Unit) in the University of Cambridge for much of the Lent and Easter term (2018).