Football and Queso

I am in the Spirit of Gold marching band, so I am at every home football game.  I think it was my sophomore year when marketing encouraged the crowd to go to Moe’s and obtain free queso every time our football team scored a certain amount of points.  Of course, since I am in marching band and I have no ticket to show the workers after games, I do not get queso.   But that’s another issue for another time.  By getting people excited for free queso after a successful home game, Moe’s wins in two different ways.  First, Moe’s motivates the football team to score more points.  Secondly, Moe’s gets the excited, victorious fans to go to their restaurant, especially when we win.  The free queso that is given to fans with tickets from the game also motivates people to purchase other things from their menu.  While you’re going to Moe’s to get your queso, you can also order a drink, get a burrito, and find other ways to spend your money.

The other businesses around Moe’s also win from this marketing ploy.  Let’s say that Moe’s is located between a Starbucks and a bookstore.   Some fans might decide to go to Starbucks for coffee after a long day outside, while others might want to go to Bread & Co for a slice of a pastry.  Some people might want to go to the bookstore and get more Commodore gear because of the amount of spirit they feel after we conquer and prevail at a game.  It’s really a win for everyone.  What this shows me is that pretty much anything can be thrown together and become a marketing strategy, even tex-mex and football.  People with tickets from basketball games can also go to Moe’s and get free queso after we score at least 65 points when they show their basketball ticket to a Moe’s employee.  One thing is for sure, the band will always yell “queso” whenever the Commodores score at sporting events.

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