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Resources for Resilience

Posted by on Friday, April 3, 2020 in Resources.


  • The boundaries between our lives as faculty members and our roles as parents, siblings, caregivers, and volunteers seem much thinner. There are no quick fixes here. Instead, we hope you’ll find some grace for yourselves as you learn new rules in a new world and that you’ll offer the same to your colleagues, neighbors, and families.
  • The VUMC Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is working with EAP/Work-Life Connections team has the ability to provide real-time support for colleagues who seek support. A RedCap survey was developed that will allow any individual at Vanderbilt to request services (you can also refer someone else at Vanderbilt). Services are open to faculty, residents and fellows as well as family members of employees. They can support anyone who has insurance through the Vanderbilt health plan for short-term individual therapy or evaluation for medication needs with referral to primary care. They can provide support groups for others as well outside of insurance (these will not be billed services). Anyone who calls EAP and is eligible for their services can definitely be referred.
  • Work/Life Employee Assistance Program provides to employees seeking services related to a variety of issues (stress, emotional health, relationships, family, financial, alcohol, drug, legal, and other personal concerns). Learn more here.
  • VUMC Department of Medicine Grand Rounds “Mental Health During a Pandemic,” recording is available on Youtube.