Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Laboratory

A primary objective of the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Laboratory in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is to design and develop novel biomaterials for regenerative medicine.  A variety of projects are currently under way for development of injectable scaffolds and drug delivery systems that cure in situ, cell delivery systems, and 3D matrices for probing the effects of the microenvironment on cancer cell invasion and gene expression.  Approaches currently under development are aimed at enhanced delivery of growth factors and antibiotics and improved viability of cells delivered using injectable matrices.    Biomedical application areas include bone regeneration, wound healing and skin regeneration, and cancer.  For more specific project information please reference the ‘Research’ tab.

The Guelcher lab is housed within an approximately 1500 square foot Biomaterials Laboratory in Olin Hall. This research environment contains the multidisciplinary expertise and equipment necessary to carry out cutting edge research that covers the full spectrum of synthesis, characterization, and in vitroand in vivo testing.

Funding Sources