Webinar: Jonathan Irish at CYTO U

In October 2017, Jonathan Irish presented a webinar entitled “From CyTOF to Cytotype: Single Cell Analysis Workflows for Complex Tissues & Tumors” for CYTO U, the online educational arm of the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC).

This webinar is free for all (both ISAC members and non-members) at this URL:



  • Data Science for Biologists (Cytometrists)
  • Platforms: Stop Fighting, All Your Data Are Beautiful
  • How To Pick Tools, Scale Data, and Build a Workflow
  • Quantify Enriched Features & Label Your Populations (MEM)


Computational tools are revolutionizing how biologists discover new cell types and identify known populations in complex primary tissues.  Topics for this webinar will include obtaining quality single cell data from human tissues and tumors, implementing machine learning tools in bench research, planning for longitudinal clinical studies, and quantitative comparisons across single cell platforms, including mass cytometry, fluorescence cytometry, single cell RNA-seq, and quantitative imaging.  Data analysis tools will include viSNE/t-SNE (Amir et al., Nature Biotechnology 2013), FlowSOM (Van Gassen et al., Cytometry 2015), and MEM (Diggins et al., Nature Methods 2017).

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