2019 Open for Rotations

Yes!  We are open for rotations for graduate students arriving in 2019.

If you are interested in a potential rotation, please contact Jonathan by e-mail to set up a time to share your scientific background, talk through opportunities, and to meet lab members.  We expect to recruit ~1-2 students per year going forward.

The lab has a wide range of project opportunities, including clinical / translational research, tumor immunology, cell biology, and computational biology projects.  Wet lab projects typically focus on functional analysis of primary cells from human tissues and tumors.  Dry lab projects focus on machine learning cell identity using single cell data.

Hot topics in the lab include:

  1. Signaling control of cell identity (especially neural cells &/or immune cells)
  2. Neuroimmunology of the brain’s lateral ventricle stem cell niche (V-SVZ)
  3. Targeting microglia and macrophages in brain tumors
  4. Characterizing novel abnormal T cells found across human tumor types
  5. Systems biology of human genetics and immune cell signaling in human disease
  6. Screening to discover molecules that reprogram human cell identity
  7. Creating machine learning tools for quantifying cell identity
  8. Developing single cell assays for signaling & cell function

Rotations typically begin with training in core technologies, such as phospho-specific flow cytometry, mass cytometry (CyTOF), and single cell data analysis.

Read more about what to expect in the Irish lab.

E-mail Dr. Jonathan Irish

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