LaSIR – Laboratory for Systems Integrity & Reliabi


LASIR researchers from across engineering school and university collaborate to perform and understand one-of-a-kind experiments on full-scale test beds.

Our undergraduate and graduate students do hands-on experiments at LASIR that relate to the theories they learn in the classroom and simulate on the computer so they can develop deeper insights into their research projects. Students also connect with a range of research partners including corporate, national laboratory, university, and interdisciplinary Vanderbilt collaborators who open the door to career opportunities for students in research, industry, and the professoriate.

Program Statistics

  • 150 programs completed for ~$50M
  • More than 500 technical papers published
  • 130 graduate students trained
  • 42 undergraduate interns mentored
  • 30 industry short courses taught
  • Many student fellowships awarded
  • More than a dozen disclosures/patents filed
  • National level research awards received

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