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Dr. Sun-Joo Cho collaborates with the Listening and Learning Lab, providing expert guidance regarding data analysis and statistical review of our fatigue project questionnaires. She was recently named a 2019 Vanderbilt Chancellor Faculty Fellow, a distinguished honor on campus. She also received funding for her research activities. To read more,

Congratulations to Dr. Cho!


Lab members, Samantha Sekator and Caitlin Dold, were awarded Third Prize at the 2019 Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center For Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences Combined Poster Session for their “Do Additional Disabilities Impact Listening-Related Fatigue in Children with Hearing Loss?” poster. Additional authors on the poster include Hilary Davis Au.D., Sun-Joo Cho, Ph.D., Stephen Camarata Ph.D., Fred H. Bess Ph.D., and Benjamin Hornsby, Ph.D.


Lab members, Caitlin Dold and Samantha Sekator, were awarded a poster award for Excellence in Research for their “Tired from Listening? Exploring Associations Between Listening-Related Fatigue and Fatigability” poster at the 2018 American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Additional authors on the poster include Hilary Davis AuD, Sun-Joo Cho, Ph.D, and Benjamin Hornsby, Ph.D.

The winners of this award were determined based on the highest rating of the top two posters based on the areas of visual appeal, organization, clarity of writing, study design, appropriate conclusions/clinical relevancy/application and innovation.


Lab member, Caitlin Dold, received a meritorious poster submission for her poster on the “Initial Development of the Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale for Adults with Hearing Loss (VFS-AHL)” at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) 2017 convention in Los Angeles, California. Additional authors on the poster include Fred Bess, PhD, Stephen Camarata, PhD, Ronan McGarrigle, PhD, Hilary Davis, AuD, Sun-Joo Cho, PhD, and Benjamin Hornsby, PhD.

This award is awarded to the highest-rated, student-authored paper in its convention topic area. ASHA also awarded Caitlin with the Student Research Travel Award (SRTA) and the Audiology/Hearing Science Research Travel Award (ARTA).