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Cooking in Cefalù

Posted by on Saturday, May 20, 2017 in Blog posts.

On May 17, we went into the hills of Cefalù for a full-course cooking class. Since the roads are so small, the bus had trouble after dropping us off and so our class was delayed for an hour while people helped the driver.

The house of the chef was modern in design, with both an indoor and outdoor kitchen. We started by rolling arancini, which are rice balls with a meat filling. After making an eggplant spread with mint (which believe it or not, is actually a yummy combination) the main chef fried the arancini and we ate them as they were finished.

After the eggplant, the main chef made us a circle pasta mixed with lentils and ricotta cheese. For the secondo piatto, we helped to make sausage. Dessert was a delicious cannolo made with fresh ricotta cheese, chocolate chips, and crepes. Between courses, everyone talked and relaxed. The long meal allowed for longer conversation between eating, something that I think is not as prevalent in everyday American dining culture.

A few days earlier, my villamates and I made our first dinner together, albeit not as delicious as the food in the cooking class. We made pasta with tomato sauce and french fries. Even Pepe joined, watched us, and tried to sneak into the kitchen many times. We’re planning on trying a more complex dish next.

Food is an important part of many cultures, but it seems to be especially important in Sicily’s culture. Dining is a culmination of the past traditions and influences. Throughout the cooking class meal, I talked with many people who I had not known as well. I was also aware of my location, up in the hills of Cefalù.  In contrast to America, where the focus is on speed, in Sicily time is less important. Like in our cooking class, everyday eating in Italy is more of an experience than a passing event. Here, long meals are popular avenues for getting to know surroundings, traditions, and the people surrounding you.


Chef frying arancini:


Villa Meal:



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