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Siracusa Video Tour

Watch my video tour of Siracusa here! Sources: Tour guide: Walking tour of Sicily http://www.dl.ket.org/latin/mythology/3fables/love/alpheus.htm http://www.italianways.com/the-fountain-of-diana-in-syracuse-and-arethusas-metamorphosis/ http://www.bestofsicily.com/mag/art423.htm

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From Cefalù to Rome and Back

For our free weekend, I went to Rome with Cynthia, Rita, and Katie. The first thing I noticed about Rome was how modern it is compared to Sicily. However, even with the shinier buildings and cars, historical monuments were everywhere. A common sight in Rome is a glass and concrete building right in front of,…

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Interview with Marisa

For my interview, I spoke to Marisa, who works in the Culturforum Italian language learning center in Cefalù. Marisa lived in the Netherlands until she was 10, when she moved with her Sicilian family back to Cefalù. When she first came to Sicily, she was quick to notice how different Sicilian behavior is. In her…

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Palermo and Change

Yesterday, on May 23rd, we went to Palermo to explore villas, churches, and streets of the ancient city. At first glance, the city seems to be very modern. However, old buildings such as churches and villas remain sprinkled throughout the streets. The churches that we visited were ornate and opulent. They all had artwork and…

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Cooking in Cefalù

On May 17, we went into the hills of Cefalù for a full-course cooking class. Since the roads are so small, the bus had trouble after dropping us off and so our class was delayed for an hour while people helped the driver. The house of the chef was modern in design, with both an…

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Mass and Art at the Cathedral-Basilica

One experience of this past week was visiting the Cathedral in Piazza Duomo for Saturday evening mass, and then visiting it again in a tour with Vittoria. The mass was something I found particularly noteworthy, especially the subtle differences between the mass here and that of my parish back home. Hearing mass in a different…

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The Alimentari Shop

The place of my observation is a little alimentari shop on Corso Ruggero. Outside the shops, tourists and locals alike enter and leave stores. An elderly man leans on a wall, scratching his head and watching the crowds. Meanwhile, inside the shop there are two workers: a woman and a man. The man works behind…

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First Week in Sicily

It has been almost a week since we arrived in Cefalù! In these past few days, I’ve gotten to know my classmates while exploring sites such as Solunto, Mozia, and Segesta. Walking through the ancient settlements and buildings was like walking through a time machine. Before this trip, all I remembered about the ancient Phoenicians was…

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