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Who Impacted Sicilian Culture the Most?

http://philome.la/emstudentacount/who-impacted-sicilian-culture-the-most Here is the link to the “game” I created for my final project to see who they choose to be most influential to Sicilian culture. Essentially this game is completely dependent on the person playing it and their answer choices. Questions are given and the player must choose the choice they think they align…

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One on one interview with Davide

Something that interested me about Sicilian culture was how the school system worked and in turn how that affected the type of job a person had. I interviewed a 32 year old man named Davide to learn about his school process and how he acquired and kept a successful job in the suffering job market…

Posted by on May 31, 2017 in 2017 Blog post

Flight of a Lifetime

I have been on many plane flights in my life, but the plane flight a few of us took for our free weekend from Palermo to Pisa was something I have never experienced before. It all started with the boarding process. There were only two boarding groups: priority and regular. Usually the planes I have…

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Sometimes you just have to slow down

All trip my friends have been raving about how good the cannolis are here. Knowing my sweet tooth I was certain I would like it. Yesterday, after our site visit, we got back at 6:30 which meant we still had a full hour to make it to the best cannoli stand in Cefalú. I ordered…

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Are the Italians as unfriendly as they seem?

Smile. Verb/noun. Definition: a facial expression in which the eyes brighten and the corners of the mouth curve slightly upward and which expresses especially amusement, pleasure, approval, or sometimes scorn. Smiling is something that is innate. As humans, we start to smile when we are only a few weeks old. It has been proven babies…

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Would you judge Palermo by its cover?

On Monday May 15th, we had a free day. So what did we decide to do in Italy? ENDLESS SUSHI! However, the challenge of the day was actually getting there. Endless sushi was located in Palermo which is about an hour drive away from Cefalù. The only issue was that we don’t have cars here…

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Beach or Business Place?

https://vanderbilt.box.com/s/xfptf9u2coi9ghtpo58ukw732u9l3gd2 Today, May 15th around 5 o’clock, I went to the beach to observe the interactions at the beach. Something that really stands out here in Cefalù that does not happen at the beaches at home in San Diego are the vendors that consistently bombard you with their products. Sitting on the steps, I watched…

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Maybe History Isn’t Too Bad

Being a science major, this trip definitely takes me out of my element as far as all the history material that we have been learning so far. Although the sites are so interesting and beautiful, sometimes all the history presented takes away from the site itself. The first excursion to Solunto was a perfect example of…

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