Biblical Archeology Society Comments on Digital Gazetteers

Posted by on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 in Digital Humanities, press coverage, Syriac Gazetteer.

Sarah Bond of the University of Iowa has written an interesting round up for the Biblical Archeological Society on digital gazetteer projects for the ancient world including The Syriac Gazetteer. Her article notes:

“The utility of historical geography in uncovering early Christian communities can also be seen in a number of projects currently on the web. Recently, the field of Syriac studies was transformed by the unveiling of Of special interest within this site is the Syriac Gazetteer, a geographical reference work that allows individuals to explore Syriac sites on the web. The site exemplifies something key to the success of any Digital Humanities project: collaboration. Digital projects have allowed endangered languages such as Syriac to become more visible, accessible and geographically understood.”

Bond, Sarah E. “Map Quests: Geography, Digital Humanities and the Ancient World.” Biblical Archaeology Society. Accessed June 5, 2014.

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